I am a Licensed Massage Therapist in the State of Texas with training in Deep Massage/deep tissue, orthopedic, sports, myofascial stretching, cupping, and Swedish massage.  With previous experience in both spa and clinical settings, my therapy takes a holistic approach to bodywork, addressing the whole being: physical, emotional, and spiritual. I especially enjoy combining my love for bodywork and movement in integrative sessions tailored specifically to athletes, yogis, and anyone looking for more freedom in their movement! **Please Note that not all services are available in the state of New York due to licensing restrictions. My scope of practice in NYS is limited, but I would be happy to provide a consultation and referral to appropriate local therapists as needed** 

  • Deep Tissue Focus. 45min|$60
    • Client will select one to two focus areas for deep tissue attention. Expect to find a state of deep relaxation while toxins and fluids are flushed out of chronically tight muscles.
  • Yogi Protocol. Time and price will vary
    • A special protocol developed to address common issues in teachers and practitioners alike. Includes a free pre-therapy phone consultation and active recovery plan. A protocol developed for yogis, by yogis. Average cost is $1/minute, 20% discount for active yoga instructors.
  • Deep Massage. $1/Minute, 30 minute minimum. 
    • Not to be confused with Deep Tissue, Deep Massage addresses the nervous system first, in turn creating a relaxing and lengthening effect on the muscles working from the inside out. Deep Massage is generally performed without lubricant, requiring the therapist to have an acute understanding of the tissues, muscles, and synchronicity of the body. Expect to feel supremely relaxed in the mind and spirit, with all the benefits of deep tissue work in the body.
  • Integrative. $1/Minute, 30 minute minimum
    • Choose your own adventure! Integrate different modalities of massage to achieve the results you are looking for- relaxation, pain relief, detoxification, mind/body connectivity, “me” time- you name it! A free, in-depth consultation will determine the best course of action for this integrative experience.