Pocket Change Collective is a celebration of
the small victories
the little steps
the fierce daily commitments
that foster profound, radical transformation.

Allow these stories of perspective, perseverance, and provocation stimulate you on your path, regardless of your destination.

Collect these tokens in your bank for the days when the storm appears incessant.

Spread these words like fire beyond the borders of social acceptance, through the forests of your mind, and into the valleys of your heart.

The Pocket Change Collective knows that life’s biggest transformations occur not [only] in the romantic acts of wild volition, but also in the smaller, more arduous daily decisions to override distraction. Whether your aim is to travel the world, eat better food, fall in love with yourself, attain deep spiritual enlighter-ment, or just to live a more Wanderful life, it is the daily display of habitual boldness that slowly builds your Roam. Here you will find the chronicles of a community of storytellers making radical changes in small moments.