Pigeon Tales (Vol. I): I Found A Friend This Year

Pigeon Tales is a “special edition” of this blog, coming at you hot off the mat from yep, you guessed it…Eka Pada Rajakapotasana (known to most of us as Pigeon Pose).  As most yoga teachers will tell you while you try to find and maintain stillness in this intense pose, pigeon has a unique ability to tap into your emotional memories and bring up some pretty juicy- and often introspective- stuff.  Each edition of Pigeon Tales comes in a pure and spontaneous manner, dissecting the thoughts the cross my mind while in I give in to the release of the fundamental chakras…those thoughts I want to share, anyway.  This is, in effect, my dream journal of those deep pigeony places.  I encourage you to try doing the same!

I met a friend this year.  Or rather, I got to know her.  She’s someone I’ve seen around town for a long time.  I always knew that she is elusively interesting, but also hard to hold a conversation with.  I used to tell myself that I have tried to break down her walls before, but in my heart of hearts I knew that I never put much effort into it.  We have a lot in common, but something about her was so intimidating that I couldn’t bring myself to dig deep and devote some time to understanding her.

This year, I decided to make her a priority.  I started paying more mindful attention to her.  I wanted to know what she wanted to do with her life, where the thoughts she had came from.  In the past, whenever I tried to ask her, she just shrugged the question off (which is fair, because no one really knows what they want with their life).  But this year I committed to her, and to our friendship.  I could tell that if I really wanted to figure her out, I would have to commit to her- not now and again when it was convenient, but on a routine basis.  So, I started doing yoga with her.  That 60 minute class gave us the opportunity to connect on a level that I never thought was possible.  I learned about her strengths, her struggles, what empowered her and the pains that she carries.  She never really spilled the beans on her grand plan in life, but I stopped focusing on that as something I had to find out.  I started enjoying her company, often in silence, rather than searching for answers.

Eventually, our friendship blossomed outside the studio, too.  It was slow at first, but each yoga class strengthened the new bond that we had initiated.  There are still times when I feel stubborn and avoid her calls, but she never holds it against me and we are able to pick up where we left off, usually after a good conversation on the mat.  She used to intimidate me, but after putting a concerted effort into connecting with her, I feel her strength and confidence invigorate my vulnerabilities.  She makes me a better person, and her friendship has made me a better friend- not only to her, but to the others in my life.  It has been an amazing year, and I know that my good fortunes are all rooted in this friendship.

I got to know myself this year.  As it turns out, I am a pretty good friend for me to have.

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