What drives you? What moves you? How does your brain tick? What slows you down and speeds you up? How do you get high? How do you stay on the ground? Why bother? Why think about it? Where are you now in time and space? How does it feel to be you, right now, in this moment?

Storytelling, for some, can be a form of release, rapture, reconciliation. I invite you to share your story- the more monotonous, the better. I’m interested in the slow story movement- an antagonistic venture to counter a life blasted by highlights. You don’t have to find love and beauty in everything, just know that you are enough simply because you exist- messy, ugly, joyous, inspired, or indifferent. We are all like facets of a single gem, living a thousand tiny permutations of the same story, and there can be healing in sharing.

Let’s connect! Drop me a line, poem, or basket of fruit. I want to know the questions to your answers. I’ll share them here or keep them private. Speak from the heart and allow your voice to find resonance in this sea of love.

Email: laingkelsie@gmail.com